mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

CHANEL batch-codes: solving the major issue.

PROBLEM: as many perfume lovers know, there are apparently TWO different four-digits Chanel batchcodes, in contrast each other. What's the correct one?  
SOLUTION: We should have some fresh-factory perfumes to check.... and luckily we got a few "Bleu de Chanel" for verifying it.

martedì 3 marzo 2015

KOUROS: The Scent of Gods (2/2)

This is second and last part, and you will find:
-Kouros Party in Paris (February 20th, 1981)
-Flankers (1986-2014)
-Body Line
-Special Bottles
-Gift Sets & Accessories

the first part is HERE

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

How to recognize ROCHAS perfumes.

Famous French fashion designer Marcel Rochas established his fashion house in 1925, followed by his own Perfume factory a few years later. His first perfumes were Air Jeune, Audace and Avenue Matignon (1936), then his most famous scent arrived: "Femme", created by Edmond Roudnitska, launched in 1944. 

lunedì 5 gennaio 2015

DIOR Homme, Homme Intense, and Homme Parfum: BlindTests Year 2014.

...and finally, after so many requests, here it is: the "Year 2014 Review" of almost all Dior Homme classic versions and batches (including DH, DHI, and new DHP).

martedì 23 dicembre 2014

LIDG & LIDGE: Year 2014 Review.


Year 2014 was a turmoil for many perfumes. One of the most disputed was the higly appraised LIDGE by Guerlain, and its "brother" LIDG. Therefore, in this test we sampled different batches to verify if any reformulation(s) occurred.

lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

Picture of the day (Dec.15th, 2014)

A nice afternoon at Gianni's House. Vintage "Jicky" and "Eau du Coq" (both minis).

Jicky was created in 1889. It is a classical fragrance and, despite the age, it is timeless and still very modern. According to the legend, the perfume was named after a girl Aime Guerlain was in love with when he was a student in England. It is more likely, though, that this perfume is named after his uncle Jacques Guerlain’s nick – Jicky. This was one of the first perfumes created with addition of synthetic materials (the first was Fougere Royale Houbigant, 1882). The top notes contain lavender and citrus (bergamot, lemon and mandarin), which perfectly match the cold, metallic orris and rose shaded by vetiver. The cold top and middle notes are an elegant counterbalance to the warm base created of patchouli, vanilla, amber and musk.

Eau du Coq, is a citrus aromatic fragrance for men.
"Eau de Cologne du Coq" was launched in 1894. The nose behind this fragrance is Aime Guerlain. Top notes are orange, citruses, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are patchouli, lavender and jasmine; base notes are sandalwood and oakmoss (from Fragrantica)

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Picture of the Day: "Baglietto" (1987)

Baglietto Raidersofthelostscent
"BAGLIETTO: The last delivery".

During 1987, now-disappeared company R.P Denis launched "BAGLIETTO", a new Eau de Toilette for Men, inspired by famous nautical shipyards with the same name. Unusually, it was not an "aquatic" scent as you could think, but a very "fresh and green" one. Almost completely forgotten in our days, it was a well crafted scent, elegant, refined, characterized by a high sillage. You can say it,  a "gentle powerhouse".
Starting with pleasant herbal, citrusy notes, "Baglietto" had an amazing evolution, shifting almost completely direction, ending with dry, woody echoes.
In a nutshell, "Baglietto" was strong and delicate at the same time, moving from herbs to woods, as a sort of "landscape traveller".
It was on production for a few years only, before R.P. Denis ceased operations in 1989. Difficult to find nowadays, but it could be worthy if you love strong fresh, herbal scents.
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